Friday, November 21, 2003

Rick, hope you don't mind but I took your dream to the newly formed dream team of our city yesterday to get their input. Here are our ideas.

house- your church, your family, your life
roof- your covering
pressure-washer- Holy Spirit
car- ministry
salvage lot-takes that which is usable

You are having pressured feelings of something that needs to be fixed in your life and you cannot see what the problem is. You look around at people you know and they are busy in ministry while you do not have a ministry job right now and this frustrates you. God is going to send someone to help remove the pressure you are experiencing. (Someone had a pressure-washer and was showing me how to use it to work right...") When this happens you'll say ("Why didn't we see that?")
Scene two: (Something wrong with my car.") There are feelings of something being wrong with your ministry and you want to pressure the mechanic (God and Holy Spirit) to hurry but say "take you time."

Bottom line, you want to get out from under the pressure you are experiencing, Can't say I blame you. Betty

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Here's a dream for you Betty.

My house was in need of fixing up. I'm not sure if it was a new house we had just bought or one we were presently living in. This element did not seem to be important. Some friends came over to help and I remember at one point looking for something to do while everyone else was busy. I was frustrated because I couldn't find anything to do. (this is real for me as I grew up w/o a father and often cannot "see" things that need to be done when they are right in front of me.) On the roof, someone had a pressure-washer and was showing me how to use it. However, we couldn't get it to work right since there wasn't enough pressure. Finally, he gave it to a guy who attends our church now. This guy is 6'5" or 6" and looks like a football linebacker. He started pumping a lever on the front of the pressure washer to get the pressure built up. I pointed at him and said, "there,that's how you do it". I then walked over to another one and pointed at the lever to someone standing beside me as if to say "why didn't we see that?". In another scene, something was wrong with my car and I drove it into a lot that was like a salvage lot. A friend or associate owned the lot and he couldn't get to it right away which he said. I said something in effect, "no rush". I remember thinking that I owned the business and slightly wondered if I should put pressure on him to hurry, but decided not to push it. hmmm, interesting...."pressure" shows up twice....

Ok, there ya go..

Friday, November 07, 2003

In James Ryle's book, "Hippo in the Garden," he shares insight into a dream message from God. Dreams often allow us to glimpse behind the curtain of our mind and emotions to see things God knows about us, but we do not.

"Driving along a narrow road, I came upon a large trash can blocking my way. It had been toppled and its contents were strewn about the road. I stepped out of my car to clean up the mess when suddenly a face appeared on the trash can, giving it the appearance of a man's head with garbage coming out the top."

James wrote, "At last I got the message. I realized that my own fears, my unbelief and self doubt were themselves polluting my heart: that was the trash the Lord wanted out of my mind."

This is an example of one way God communicates to us today.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hey Betty,
Thanks for the invitation....Lovely story

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

One of the dreams shared with me a few years back stands out in my memory more than some of my own. A small child came up to me and said, "Can I tell you my dream." She went on to share how an alligator was chasing her and she ran to her grandfather who was standing close.

A simple dream but very potent in its meaning.

Alligators, crocodiles, lizards, snakes and serpents of various kinds in scripture refer to Satan and his demonic host.

"Grand"father symbolizes God. He is the "grand" father of all fathers.

This dream showed this little one that she would find safety in the arms of God. This small dream gave her the direction for her entire lifetime.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Saturday, November 01, 2003

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